Why are my scissors bending or folding hair?

Dull shears can be the obvious reason for folding instead of cutting hair. However, new or recently sharpened shears may also encounter this issue, and the most common cause is improper blade adjustment.

When the blades are too loose, they tend to separate during the cutting action, causing the cutting edges to lose contact with each other. In contrast, properly adjusted blades maintain contact throughout the cutting stroke. Shear blades are designed with a slight curvature, which creates a spring force when screwed together, ensuring the cutting edges stay in contact. This curvature is known as the "set" of the blades.

If the shears are excessively loose, the spring force is lost, compromising the cutting action, and making the hair bend instead of getting cut. As a result, loosely adjusted shears are sometimes mistakenly thought to be dull. Even high-quality professional shears can appear dull and bend hair if their blade tension is too loose.

To check if the blade tension is too loose, open the shears fully and allow them to fall closed on their own. If the blades close completely on their own, the tension is too loose. The ideal tension is when the shears catch right before closing completely after being fully opened and released. This optimal tension maximizes the shear's performance. As shears become dull with use, slightly increasing the tension can be helpful.

If you tighten your shears a bit and don't feel any additional resistance, it's a clear sign that they were too loose.

A lack of care towards your scissors will result in bad performing shears, if your scissors are bending hair please spend some time adjusting your tension.

Scissors that are bending hair will not be covered by warranty as all that is required is attention to the tension and therefore you will not be eligible for a refund, for more information on our refund policy please check this link - https://www.thescissorshop.com/policies/refund-policy

In conclusion, maintaining the proper blade adjustment and tension is crucial for the performance of shears, ensuring clean and precise cuts without hair folding.

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